Services @ Being Multilingual


Multilingualism, languages, language courses, linguistics.

Lectures / workshops / courses

Specially designed for schools, associations and corporate businesses, on:

  1. Child and adult multilingualism

  2. Myths and misconceptions about multilingualism

  3. Language learning and language teaching

  4. Language contact and hybrid uses of language

  5. Child linguistic and cognitive development

  6. Language assessment in schools and clinics

  7. Pronunciation: language sounds and language melodies

  8. Language standards and language variation

  9. Accents and intelligibility

  10. General linguistics


Languages and linguistics. Being Multilingual offers:

  1. Tailor-made audio, online and print teaching materials

  2. Coaching via skype


Textbooks, articles, courses, referee reports.

Computer-based technology

Text-to-speech, corpus tagging/annotation, transcription and phonetic transcription.

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